She was born in 1981 in France.
This young artist lives and works in Tours. She is graduated first in arts plastiques and after, in 2002, in visual communication and design from Brassart Schoool. Stéphanie Plateau begins her career like story-boarder in Paris for big brands such as Giorgio Armani, Stern, Salvatore Ferragamo... In 2005, she mves in the field of graphic design of objects and she works in a development bureau. The application of her illustrations on shower curtains and on garden pillows give her the idea to create digital art illustrations. She meets Atelier Contemporain in 2008. She takes her inspiration from the wildlife and plants, where there is the really nature; from townscapes where she wants make the justness and sparkless light; and from the woman glorified in all her age. With a big passion for the graphic and for art of detail, she gives a soothing dimension at her works, a really fashionable breath.

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