Reserving Products
Have you seen something in store and only just realised how much you'd fallen in love with it when you got home? Don't panic! Our Reservation Service is perfect for these types of occasions!
How can I reserve a product I saw when I visited?
  1. Simply send an email to our team to
  2. It's helpful if you can describe the product to our team member as concisely as possible - what is was, the colour, the price, anything you can remember is really helpful.
  3. Our team member will advise on whether that product is still available in store or if it has sold. If it has sold, they'll do their best to find out there and then using our online systems whether that product is available for re-ordering and what the anticipated timescales might be for re-delivery to our store.
  4. If your product is still available in store, as soon as it has been paid for it is taken off the floor immediately. It is then packed away and stored safely ready for when you are ready to collect.
  5. Payment is taken for all reservations and pre-orders at time of confirming the order, along with all of your contact details.