He was born in France / He lives and works in Paris.
After the studies in communication, he begins his career in the publicity at 22. At the same time, he has passion for comics and travel. Self-educated graphics, after a long growth, he defines a mode of expression which allow him to reconcile these two passions and he creates some image. These images are based on easy concept : in all landscape, urban or not, tere are hidden stories which want only be uncovered. A graphics touch inspired by clear line with a very strong energy which we can see in the set of his works, a bubble bursts against a window or a car is the first step of a history that we can imagine ourselves. Intriguing or funny, disturbing, crazy or romantic this history belongs to everyone. Encouraged from his friends, he makes his first creations in 2005 with several digital techniques. Now, the urban universes to Paris from San Francisco, to New York from Miami, to London from Venise or Rome, form a colored and original collection in big and spectacular formats.
"Single Frames", where the histories are in only one image...

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