He was born in 1973 in France / He lives and works in Paris.
He decided to live for few years in Los Angeles in the mid nineties. Afterthen, he'll become assistant of famous photographers such as Herb Ritts, David LaChapelle, Lindberg, Steven Klein. He meets Michel Figuet, and assists him on album cover for Universal Music, and Gauthier Gallet with whom he works for Elle. In 2000, settled in Paris he becomes a professional photographer. Thill then, Guillaume is commissioned on various projects such as : making documentaries for Forum des Halles Paris, Air France Magazine, Modular lightings, L'Officiel, several architects & designers ; lookbooks for fashion designers ... Troughout his trips, he dedicates his work to explore the urban side of our lives in opposition of our true nature. With no special effect, Nature & humans are revealed by his cinematic light, that relates the reality of our lives.

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