She was born in 1979 in France / She lives and works in Paris.
Chacha By Iris gives a big range of colors, poetic, minimal, floral and glamour visuals in powdered or flashy shade. In her unique universe she produces contemporary pattern where luxuriant vegetables and dreams are mixed. In her creations, she makes snapshots of delicate colored flower, of imaginary landscape, where white swan, hot-air balloon, a lot of water lily and the pink flamingoes are in the background with Paris and his magic Tour Eiffel. Graduated en 2002 from school La Martinière Terreaux in Lyon in the field of the creation and tailoring of textile Art, Céline Chassary begins en 2003 like fashion and accessories designer for Stella Cadente. After, she moves in the field of interior design and she creates images for pillows. She takes inspirations from the nature: the flora; the fauna; the landscapes, mainly the Japan’s landscape ... Her works were numerous and in series so the step between Chacha and Atelier Contemporain was been smaller. Her touch with colours is most appreciated. Created in 2012 by Céline Chassary, Chacha By Iris is a trademark of decoration and high fashion qualified in the textile’s pattern.

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